We believe in the power of global financial navigation.

We believe in the power of global financial navigation.

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As pioneers in guiding the way toward global financial navigation, The Pacific Bridge Companies (TPBC) leads advisors and their clients through their journey in financially navigating differences in language, culture, currency, regulations, and much more by blending a host of advisors and organizations in Asia, the U.S. and around the globe to develop customized, creative and dynamic financial alternatives to fulfill their clients’ long-term goals.

There are numerous ways advisors can collaborate with TPBC whether in country, out of country or in multiple languages including English, Japanese,
Chinese and Korean.

Ohana Firms

TPBC collaborates with Ohana Firms - specialists within the global financial and investment sectors, as well as within the insurance, tax, banking and legal sectors - who seek out TPBC for access to products, services and financial alternatives to complement their work on behalf of their clients whether they are individuals, families or companies. Moreover, TPBC provides access to experts with knowledge of local and regional regulations, tax and legal issues that help Ohana Firms create plans for their clients. 

Aloha Financial Advisors

Within this platform, Advisors are invited to build a practice of purpose and value according to one’s own personal beliefs, elevating their business and life in their entirety by creating a positive impact among unserved, underserved, and poorly served communities. 

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GLOBAL Inspired Agencies

TPBC’s Global Inspired Agencies platform helps advisors around the globe to fill the gaps by providing their clients with ties in Asia or other parts of the world and those with a footprint in the U.S. with proper access to products and services outside their home countries.

independent agencies and brokerage

TPBC values constant growth, new opportunities, techniques and strategies, and honors the unique talents of financial advisors by bringing them into TPBC’s collaborative. Advisors, agencies, and institutions that wish to access these resources join TPBC’s brokerage platform.

Family Offices

Family Offices call upon TPBC to help filter and vet the multitude of opportunities and alternatives available to their clients, as the gamut of experts, institutions, products and services around the globe is endless. TPBC is there every step of the way.

TPBC has a treasure box of specialty services and divisions to share with the world…from retail life insurance and investments products to annuities, proprietary products and services from multiple jurisdictions. As a Center of Excellence (Japanese, Chinese, Korean), TPBC helps advisors enhance their practice with wealth management expertise that takes into account the unique needs of their clients’ community whether in the United States or abroad.

“TPBC has a treasure...”: A variety of lush, green tropical plants and ferns.