Aloha Financial Advisors

Aloha Financial Advisors

Stephen Kagawa is passionate about helping financial advisors love the work they do through methodologies and philosophies that TPBC refers to as Aloha Financial Advising.

Are you an Aloha Financial Advisor?

Are you a visionary?

  • Does your internal drive come from a vision of a better world for the communities you serve or wish to serve being better served because of you? 
  • Does your vision rooted in missions behind it need a little support to make that vision a reality to change the world for the unserved, poorly served, and underserved?
  • Do you progress toward innovation with tenacity and resilience?

Are you driven by your personal values?

  • Are the aspirations for your business steeped in your own values, who you are at your core
  • Do you utilize an inner moral compass to steer your business practice?
  • Are you burdened to follow someone else's path, yet wish to follow your own convictions?

Do you live aloha?

  • Do you approach your clients with aloha – with an attitude of service, understanding, appreciation and love? 
  • Do you begin each day with mahalo or gratitude for all that you have?
  • Is it imperative for you to understand your clients’ goals and desires before even considering an appropriate plan for them?

If you answered YES or aspire to do so, join our community of Aloha Financial Advisors!

Join the Journey
Join the Journey is an event that gives you a window into Aloha Financial Advising and what The Pacific Bridge Companies is doing to change the way financial planning is delivered to our global economy. 

If you want to align or realign yourself, schedule a 15-minute call with one of our Aloha Financial Advisors.

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Want to be an Aloha Financial Advisor?

Fact Finding

An illustrated piece of paper checklist with four checkbox squares and two green checks.
  • Searches for quantitative data about a person
  • Focuses in on specific financial assets

Sharing Aloha

Two illustrated characters sitting on chairs, facing toward and conversing with each other.
  • Works to understand the person's aspirations and what they find of most importance
  • Personal discovery always occurs before seeking the facts of the person's situation


A red tag with the word, “SALE” in white text.
  • Focuses on closing the sale
  • Aims to make their products the solution


An illustrated face with a circle around the head and five arrows pointing inward toward the face.
  • Understands a person's aspirations before considering the essential products
  • Offers several alternatives rather than a "solution" to help address financial objectives


A illustrated stick figure holding a backpack walks along a path leading to some mountains.
  • Prefers to walk their path alone and find their own tribe


Four varied colored hands holding each other’s wrists to form a square.
  • Business accelerated through partnerships and collaborations with best in class practitioners

Be an Aloha Financial Advisor!

For those of you who seek to build a practice of your values serving communities you feel are worthy of better financial advice and results that you aspire to deliver, let’s connect.